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KhanyaLED (PTY) LTD started in 2003 by manufacturing and installing SABS-approved LED traffic lights. Realising that energy will remain a key commodity into the future, innovative ways has to be maintained to reduce and conserve where possible. 


KhanyaLED was very successful in obtaining a comprehensive share of the traffic-light market, but as Far-eastern country products started flooding the market, which saw a host of cheap imports being sold off to Municipalities, it realised that it had to renew its strategy going forward. Therefore, strategy determined that focus be shifted towards diversifying into LED lighting and Solar technologies.


In 2009, various Solar and other LED products were added to the range, with specific focus on bespoke applications for specific client needs. By establishing partnerships with local suppliers and manufacturers, Khanyaled secured a contract with a large Mining group to supply and install their energy efficient perimeter lighting solutions.


With the rapidly expanding developments in South Africa over the past few, and next few years, further market analysis indicated that this Industry will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Eskom is battling to satisfy demand, and with it continuing to increase tariffs year on year, consumers will start looking at alternatives in all earnest.


It is with these market demands in mind that the research called for focus on these consumers’ needs through various technologies in specific market segments. The intent remains for the company to establish solid foundations to realise Solar/PV, LED, Hybrid, Water and Traffic solutions. Supporting this is New business development, Manufacturing, Micro Enterprises and Consulting Services. Through these disciplines, clients will realise their key objectives, namely Realising Energy efficiency, Renewable energy adoption, Reducing carbon emissions, Lowering costs, Deploying 'Green' Technologies as well as Employment realisation.


This will afford various consumers the opportunity to realise their own energy efficiency goals by implementing various technologies that will contribute towards a significant saving in electricity and costs overall.



We will be a leading player in realising successful energy efficiency initiatives that would benefit consumers in various market segments, whilst strengthening the economy and protecting the environment.



Khanya Group has the following objectives:


  • To contribute towards a clean environment.
  • To realise energy efficiency.
  • To design, install and maintain appropriate renewable energy technologies and systems.
  • To secure partnerships and joint ventures with best-in-class technology-, and service providers.
  • To develop businesses for job creation and self-sustainability.
  • To pursue opportunities for local manufacturing.

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