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Every hour of every day enough solar energy falls on the Earth to supply the entire planet with power for a year. The energy is completely free and non-polluting; there’s no danger of an oil spill, no mountaintop removal, no toxic waste, no smog, no nuclear meltdowns, and no monthly bill. Plus, it will keep coming for at least a few billion years.


Solar technology is advancing rapidly, but the basic ideas behind it have been around for a very long time. More than two thousand years ago, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and others were starting fires by concentrating and focusing the rays of the sun, and structures have been built and oriented to collect—or block—solar heat for at least that long. The first known solar cooker was used in the 1830s, and the first solar cell was developed in 1876. The photoelectric effect—the process whereby light creates electricity—was explained by Albert Einstein in 1905. Turning the abundant sunlight that falls on the earth every day into useful energy is a dream that has been pursued for centuries, and manufacturing technology has progressed to the point where these dreams can begin to be realised by almost anyone.


PV-Solar is now available for large MW-solar plants down to your house's rooftop. Contact us to design your dream system ... 





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